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November of 2022 we can send a bold message to Washington:
"Put American Families First"

The "America Last" crowd is running the show these days, and that’s just wrong. To fix this, we need to be represented by someone who knows our state, our people, and our values. I am smart enough to know that bowing before the altar of renewable energy and social assistance won't magically create prosperity for those used to being productive and building things - it means less iron and steel, higher energy costs, and communist China winning. We build things out of iron and steel in Youngstown and that is how we measure our grit. It is time we elected someone who understands this.

Being so accepting of every identity based whim an individual embraces is a slippery slope to division, confusion, anger, and resentment. We don't live in a perfect world and acceptance is earned - not learned through education - nor legislated by the self-righteous.

If you want to delude yourself and believe that a person that has never worked in the real-world somehow represents you and your values - then you will continually be disappointed. We need less lawyers in Washington DC and more drive, desire, and determination. Those are qualities born on meeting a struggle head-on and overcoming it. Youngstown has been struggling for a long time. We can overcome our hurdles but we need a hardened struggler to fight for us in Washington DC - not an environmental ideologue.

Ready for Action?

Are you ready to support a strong America? Strong state governments where those that make the rules are closer and more accountable to you?
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