The Federal government should get out of the K-12 education business other than providing online resources for homeschooling. Federal spending accounts for 8% (about $55 Billion of $720 Billion) of education spending but comes with strings attached that influence the education sector. I want States to make their own decisions on education.

I support a free-market-based education system. States should always have their say if their education system is geared exclusively toward public-provided education or if the State were inclusive of private schools.

The federal government should only match state and local funds.

Under my plan, the federal government would only expend funds to States that utilize a voucher system. Vouchers awarded to students by State and local governments are valued at $1,000 each. The Federal Government will match every $1,000 voucher with an $80 voucher. This money can be spent on private or public schools as the State decides. No vouchers can be used at schools that refuse to recognize the American flag, refuse to allow military recruiters on school property, refuse to allow ROTC programs or teach a manifest doctrine of hate and division between Americans.

Ready for Action?

Are you ready to support a strong America? Strong state governments where those that make the rules are closer and more accountable to you?
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