• To restore small business and small business development to its former glory in the United States, starting with Ohio's 13th District. The United States is presently working overtime to appease large businesses at the expense of our small businesses and families. This is destroying the heart and soul of America. America's economy is so lacking in dynamism that we are at a historically low level. This means fewer Americans are pursuing their dreams. The pursuit of dreams drives productivity and ingenuity.
  • We should expect to replace our infrastructure at a substantive rate instead of being continually underserved by our present infrastructure. We can dramatically lower the cost of our infrastructure without road and bridge crews losing wages. With better efficiencies means more road and bridge crews are employed.
  • To open America to the world, America should be opened to the world. We should provide for a method of doing business with other countries that is predictable, brings stability to the markets, is fair and just, and will not sell the American people down the river.
  • To reform our non-violent prisoners and allow them to succeed upon their release. I want to see the incarcerated able to contribute to society and learn that good behavior comes with rewards. I want prisoners to have the voluntary option to labor on modular components for infrastructure projects and modular components for low-income housing.
  • To raise the poor's spirits so that more of them strive to participate rather than give way to despair. We can have a program that makes low-income housing both affordable and nothing to be ashamed of. 
  • To end the victim mentality and reinvigorate the American Spirit. I want to stop giving able-bodied American citizens an excuse to not be productive. I want to use funds destined for welfare and unemployment to subsidize real jobs. We need to reward work, not idleness. There is dignity, pride, and self-respect that come with hard-work. America's blighted communities need more dignity, pride, and self-respect.
  • To remain energy independent and maintain world markets' energy dominance with a radical reduction in pollution and harm to the environment.
  • To emphasize the good things America and the American people have done. Americans are overwhelmingly good people, and too much focus is placed on the worst America has to offer and not enough on all the good we have done, not only for Americans but for the world.


Ready for Action?

Are you ready to support a strong America? Strong state governments where those that make the rules are closer and more accountable to you?
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