Healthcare costs have skyrocketed within the last two decades, mainly due to the medical sector's treatment. This can devastate families or individuals with a severe illness or medical condition. Particularly hard-hit are the elderly.

I have a seven-point plan to lower medical costs dramatically.

  • A behind-the-counter (BTC) classification of drugs that pharmacists may prescribe to a consumer after a short consultation. A BTC classification would exist between over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs. This will save millions of Americans from visiting the doctor for medications to treat easy and common problems like strep throat, athlete's foot, and the common flu.
  • Contracts of trust - where a doctor may have you sign a document for cheaper medical services in exchange to reduce his exposure of being sued for medical malpractice.
  • A tax incentive that allows physicians and nurses to donate their skills - free from litigation.
  • A 100% tax on punitive damage awards to dissuade jackpot justice awards.
  • A national medical license for nurses and doctors that allows them to practice in every state in the nation.
  • A program that would license health insurance companies to sell across state-lines without unique accommodation to states.
  • A state Right-to-Life program can serve as a clinical trial for the use of experimental drugs and therapies or non-conforming use of current medications.

Ready for Action?

Are you ready to support a strong America? Strong state governments where those that make the rules are closer and more accountable to you?
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