I want to constitutionally limit the amount of taxation that the Federal Government can impose. This would make taxation predictable and bring stability to the free-market. Americans are taken on a roller-coaster ride with every new presidential administration. I want to reduce the size and scope of the IRS radically. I want to minimize any chance of the IRS being used as a political tool to punish private citizens.

  • I favor a national sales tax that is equally split with state governments and an end to the progressive income tax.
  • I believe each state should exempt life necessities from being taxed, so the need to provide welfare is reduced.
  • I favor a corporate income tax that can be 100% exempted when charitable donations to state-approved charities meet a certain threshold.
  • I favor reciprocal tariffs on imports when there is a significant trade imbalance.

Ready for Action?

Are you ready to support a strong America? Strong state governments where those that make the rules are closer and more accountable to you?
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