The goal of a Congressman is to always balance the safety of Americans with their productivity and ingenuity. The ultimate goal is to keep the American economy competitive with its rivals. No country can exist without an economy. Without American productivity and ingenuity, America would either be a third-world country or cease to exist. Americans are world leaders in productivity. This is because Americans have the freedom to pursue their dreams and a capitalist system that rewards their efforts and success.

When elected to Congress, my job is to pass as many laws as necessary to protect Americans but not stifle their pursuit of happiness. My duty is to you. I am proud to proclaim I have an “Americans First” state of mind! This state of mind also requires me to repeal as many laws as possible to get the federal government to work for all Americans. When legislators pass so many laws to keep American workers safe that they cannot be productive or competitive, Americans suffer. The pursuit of the American dream stops with over-regulation. The pursuit of happiness stops as well.

We have seen the results of sitting on the American economy during the pandemic as American productivity and ingenuity were almost totally ignored by politicians. Many lives have been lost or financially destroyed due to ideology and misplaced faith. Ideology did not stop the pandemic; it exacerbated it. Making a balanced decision is often a difficult tightrope to walk, especially if you have never owned your own business and have only worked for the government where you are guaranteed a paycheck. I have owned businesses, and I know how to make those balanced decisions. To be a good leader, you must learn you cannot make decisions in a vacuum and that all your actions have consequences: intended and unintended. Ideology rarely has a place in providing beneficial outcomes to American families, whether in business or government. I will not follow ideologues.

America can’t continue to hold back its men and women who want to be productive, and we cannot endeavor to make life totally risk-averse for Americans. Doing so negatively inhibits growth and productivity and thereby negatively affects people’s personal prosperity. We must find a balance. I will be a voice of reason and balance in Congress.

Ready for Action?

Are you ready to support a strong America? Strong state governments where those that make the rules are closer and more accountable to you?
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