Too many politicians are eager to use any tragedy or emergency to their advantage for gaining and consolidating power. When there is a tragedy or emergency, in their mad rush for power, wisdom and the contemplation of possible outcomes is left at the door. If a crescendo of angst or acceptance can be built, that immediately becomes the focus. The media only fosters such deceptive sensationalism in manufacturing these crescendos because it, in a sense, fuels the notion of their own importance. Our media emboldens the ignorant ideas and issues within Congress to fuel a morass of divisiveness, which only weakens America. Stupidity begets stupidity, and Washington D.C. is most certainly awash in stupidity. It has been for some time.

If we are to right our ship, we must stop debating the inane and become astute. We must become students of history that can see the forest through the trees. One of the most egregious examples of not seeing the forest through the trees was the rush to "open-border-trading" and the open embrace of George H.W. Bush's "globalism" doctrine. This movement was wholly anti-American and did not make the world a safer place as claimed. This movement fueled a massive offshoring of American manufacturing capacity and strengthened countries like China, Russia, and many in the Middle East. Globalism inexorably harmed Americans and their families through reduced wages while propping up socialism and communism. Globalism continues, to this very day, to be conflated with the free-market. After more than 30 years in practice, we know for certain that the negative effects imposed on us by "globalism" has no relation to the free-market and sound trade policy.

The policy of "globalism" and "open-border-trading" has been embraced by both Democrats and Republicans. Those supporting such measures are anti-American. Those supporting a greater embrace of globalism need to be admonished. We know now, unequivocally, that an "Americans First" policy produces far better outcomes and makes Americans far safer than "globalism." Globalism is dead and we need to stick a fork in it before it is resurrected.

I can agree with those in any party that want to put Americans First. All American politicians should be able to unite around an Americans First Doctrine.

I do not view myself as a defender of my political party, I view myself as a reformer of my political party.

The Republican Party has many problems within its walls. Much of this is due to many of its members who want to play follow-the-leader with the political elites. I believe it is time to elect strong leaders that will lead and not follow. Leaders that are servants of the people.

I am not a Democrat for several reasons. The Democrat party is riddled with policies and doublethink that are not based within the reality in which we live. While Republican's monetary policy has contributed to globalism, Democrat policies of class and race warfare above-all-else destroys the common pride and patriotism that once bound Americans together and made us strong. The Democrat party wants to raise that which divides us to such a position that it overshadows that which unites us. The core of the Democrat party is so toxic that if not moderated by rational people, it will undoubtedly destroy America. We need to make sure that toxic candidates are not elected to office.

We know that lowering taxes on the upper class has always produced more revenue for the country. We know that every time taxes are raised on those in the upper-income bracket, there is less revenue taken in by the country. Raising taxes reduces the incentive for people to follow their dreams. Democrats will always ignore this reality and tell you that the upper class doesn't pay their fair share and should always pay more. I cannot ignore reality and do not want to disincentivize any American from pursuing one's dreams within America.

Additionally, Democrats seem to be more easily influenced by special interest groups. A glaring abuse of this is our education system. Even though our legacy system of education has failed us in the urban environment, they want to continue to prop up and support this failed system.

America has it's warts, but if we only focus on our warts, we'll develop a complex that won't allow us to be the great nation we are meant to be. We need to focus on the strengths that unite us and not the weaknesses that divide us.


Ready for Action?

Are you ready to support a strong America? Strong state governments where those that make the rules are closer and more accountable to you?
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